Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I've been hit

By evil blogger comment spam!! I'd heard about this, even seen it on other blogs, but until now have been able to escape it. I had to delete SIX spam comments from the previous post!!! I hate spam! I was just having this conversation with Mike a few days ago. Well, not about this exact topic, but about people who have jobs like this. How can someone work for a living doing this sort of crap?? I could never! Knowing how much people loathe spam, how could you live with yourself? I guess the problem is, there's a lot of people in this world who do a lot of things that (I'm hoping this will be a true statement) most of us would find to weigh heavily on our consciences.

This being said, I am now watching my comments extremely closely! It sucks because I get few comments as it is. I don't really want to deter people from commenting (isn't that half the fun? Finding out people read and liked your blog??), but I may have to set some controls and either: a) allow only registered users (which blocks out my family and nearly all of my friends. Besides, one of the spam comments was from a user...ugh!) or b) simply not allow comments at all. Neither of those options sit very well with me, so I may have to just do as I am doing now and keep my eye out for the stupid spam and just delete it as it comes. How obnoxious.

Anyone going?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Lots 'o pics of my latest crafts

Knit purse:
<--Rightside out

Inside out-->

Crocheted Grocery Bag Bag:

Knitted Dishcloth:
Yes, that's my sink. It's drying on our dishpan.

Friday, August 19, 2005


I don't understand. How come I can cook, but I can't bake? I can make a meal no problem. I can even improvise without recipe or measuring, but when it comes to baking (I'm talking desserts here) I just can't do it. Not from scratch at least. I haven't ever messed up a mix (like a boxed Betty Crocker/Duncan Hines creation), but from scratch it never quite turns out right. They're always edible, but not really how they should be. I'm mainly talking cookies here I guess. My example right now is a batch of oatmeal cookies, recipe taken off the lid of my Quaker Oats. My family has been making this recipe for years and I love them. Light and crispy and delicious. I make them and they're chewy and more cake-like. I had a similar problem with my mom's sugar cookies she makes at Christmas. Again, light and crisp. So buttery they practically melt in your mouth. My version? Chewy! And it has nothing to do with cooking times because my cookies do achieve that nice golden brown. Any longer and I would be burning them. I know there are people out there who enjoy chewy cookies, but I am not one of them. I was raised on a crunchy cookie and that is what I like. How sad that I can only produce chewy ones. :(

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Look what you've done to me! I really, truly, and completely have become nothing but lazy. Life has been monotonous, but the last thing I want to do is go back to school. It sucks when you're this close and you just want to quit. And it's not for some deep reason or anything. I'm just ready for a change and sick of school. I just don't want to do it. Period. That's it. I will, however, be going back which means Hell for about 9 months. Ugh.

I don't really know what went wrong this summer. It was nice. I didn't have a job, I spent a month in Michigan with my family. I even got a little surprise extra time in Michigan because Mike had to go back for a funeral (his grandfather passed away last Monday) and I went with him. This trip took place last Tuesday and was the perfect opportunity for me to make this:

I suppose if you scroll through my blog you'll see I've been busy with crafting, which has been great. I even have a few more things I haven't posted yet. One is a silly little fluffy purse that I knit for a wedding. (Yes, that wedding, if you read my other post.) And I also made some pillow covers which you can see here.

I currently have Mike's sweater still on my needles as well as a shrug to match the halter top a few posts down. Hopefully both can be finished by fall so they can get some use this year. That would be nice.

In other news, this has a been a big year for my family it seems. First, Mary and Andy tied the knot on May 13th (I think, or was it the 14th? Uh-oh, now I'm not sure). Then, Mike and I got engaged on May 16th. (We now have a wedding date, too--October 7, 2006.) But now, Lucy and Hassan got married this past weekend on the 13th.

Sheesh, I'm really wandering in this post. Perhaps I should just stop. I'm thinking that I may have done better this summer if there was more structure, so who knows, I just might be happy to get back to school.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


So this will be quick. Mike and I went to one of his co-worker's weddings today. I love to dance. I love to dance dressed up. Mike knows this. The opportunities to dance while dressed up are few and far between. I wanted Mike to dance with me just once before we left. He didn't. He was too uncomfortable to dance in front of his co-workers. Maybe it's just me, but I think one dance and potential embarassment is an easier thing to deal with than a pissed off Amy. GRARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Finished Knit Object #2!!

Hello! I have another tank top to show off!! Yippee!!! It's so exciting to knit things that you can actually wear!! :D What do you think??

Happy me:

And so you can see it a little better:

And if you're curious about the back:

The back lacing needs to be done up again and shortened I think. That's really the one downside to this top -- the lace-up back. I can't really do it myself, so I have to rely on Mike. He tries his best, but he's a boy. I'll have to learn how to put this on backwards and then twist it around the right way I think.

I'd like to make a shrug to match so that I can wear it a little into early fall.

Anyhow, what do you think? I'm pretty happy with it. It fits well and it's quite comfy. :)

Dream boy?

For the past two nights now I have dreamt of one boy. Not my boy. But Ashton Kutcher. What?!?! Yes, that's right. I dreamt of Ashton. And two nights in a row, that's new for me. Strange. I'm not all smitten by him either. In the dreams we were more like good friends who flirted with each other. I kind of think I dreamt of Ashton the second time because I saw how much it bothered Mike the first time. I mean, nothing happened in the first dream that I couldn't/shouldn't share, so I did. Ok, ok. So I shared knowing that it might get to Mike, but come on, nothing wrong with a good tease once in a while. So here are the dreams. Please save all of your "huh?"s for the end and just try to bear with me. I don't quite understand them either. They're dreams.

Dream #1:
I was at a Rolling Stones concert with a couple of friends. I had a backstage pass so I was hanging out backstage. Ashton was there. (I kind of got the feeling I already knew him to some extent. Casually at least because we were pretty chummy.) The opening act didn't show or something, so Ashton told me and my friends to perform. We did. Well, I sang some back-up and danced. We got huge applause and I rushed offstage where Ashton told me how great I sounded. I told him he was a liar because I sounded awful and he had some cute response that made me smile (I don't remember it anymore). I then proceeded to ask him if I could hug him because he was good to hug. He said something about how I could hug him because he liked me.

Dream #2
I was at a store (perhaps a book store?) with Ashton. We were spending the night there. (Weird, I know.) We were sleeping on these wooden-slatted chaise lounge things. We each had our own. We were kind of flirty, though, and some woman came up to us for some reason. After talking for a minute she turns away and then she realized it was Ashton. She says to me "do you realize who that is? he's famous! you know him?" I just kind of played off of her. Ashton and I just laid on the flirting. It was definitely like Ashton and I were longtime friends and I was totally unfazed by who he was.

Ok. Now you may ask the obvious questions, such as:
"Why Ashton Kutcher?"
"You went to see the Stones?"
"What were you doing sleeping in a bookstore?"

"Why Ashton?" Might be answered by:
I watch That 70s Show twice a day (weekdays). I've been known to watch Punk'd when there's nothing else on. Guess Who, though I haven't seen it, is coming to DVD soon so there are ads all over tv. And I just saw him on Oprah the other day.

My answer to the others and anything else you might think of is "I don't know!" But, I will say this -- I enjoyed both dreams. They were fun. And Ashton, after those, I will be your friend any day .