Friday, November 03, 2006

Hooray for me!

Hello, hello! Well, I guess it's safe to talk about that mysterious job now. Sorry I wasn't so forthcoming before, but I wanted this so badly that I was afraid I'd jinx it if I told too many people about it. So here goes. Today at approximately 5:20pm I was offered the job I have been interviewing for!! It's with the ACLU of Rhode Island in Providence. My official title is "Program Coordinator." My main duties will be lobbying and other legislative duties, research, and community education. Also, during the fall/winter I will be helping with fundraising. Tis the season I suppose. Can't say I'm looking forward so much to that part, but hey, you can't expect to love every aspect of a job and I think my other duties will definitely make up for it. I start on Nov. 13, just over a week from now. I can't wait. I can't believe that I've landing the job of my dreams. I know I haven't started yet and there's the possibility of it not being what I expected, but so far so GREAT! I'm really looking forward to it and, of course, the second income will come in quite handy. I just feel very lucky and very fortunate to have landed a job right out of college that is actually a job that I want. I can remember reading the posting for this job almost two months ago. I was practically giddy just reading about it. And now it's mine. Talk about good fortune! And when it comes time to move on, this job will be excellent on my resume. I will be one of three employees in the office meaning that I will have experience in several different aspects of the organization instead of being so specialized in just one area. And, although I know there are varying opinions of the ACLU (some of which are, to say the least, not positive), it is a national organization and a well-known organization. The work I will be doing for them will definitely lead to more opportunities down the road. I definitely can't wait to start. Like I said in the title: hooray for me!

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