Friday, June 09, 2006

Gifts for Fadi :)

Yay for baby things! I finished the set I made up for Fadi and put it in the mail today. Lucy should get it in a few days:

Sorry the picture's not the greatest, but it's the best I could do in a short time. I took it with my phone (quickest way to do it and be able to ship it out). I made spherey first, as you all know from my last post. I had leftovers of both yarns because I over-bought, so I figured I would add a blankie to the gift. I paired the leftover yarn with some old mystery yarn that came from my mom's stash that she happily unloaded on me and another leftover I had from another project. I knit it on size's a soft, cuddly, bulky blankie. :) Only problem was I misjudged amounts on (almost) all counts. I ended up having to go buy more yarn of the yarn from spherey and I needed to try and match the old blue acrylic that came from my mom to something new. :( Didn't work. You can't see it in the photo (partly because of the shadow, partly because it's strategically "posed" to hide it), but the strip of blue above the "f" and above the top white stripe (you can't see, but it's there, draped over the back of the couch to match the bottom) is darker than the rest of it. Kind of drive's me crazy, but it was the best match I could do taking gauge, color, and texture into account. I designed the blankie on my own, but borrowed the "f" from the "Letter Have It" bag in Stitch n' Bitch Nation. Hope it gets Fadi's approval! :D


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