Monday, April 10, 2006

I wanna be a lobbyist

How does one go about finding a job as a lobbyist? I've been lobbying the Rhode Island State Legislature for the past month on marriage equality and it's fun! I love it! Sadly, as the school year soon comes to a close (which is not the sad part), so will my short-lived lobbying career. Since working with Marriage Equality RI I've lobbied...umm...about a dozen legislators? Perhaps I am heading for a career in politics. Wouldn't that be fun?? Anyone have connections for a government job back in Michigan legislature? Riiight.

Also, random note. Mike sent me this and I think it's ludacris. I know most of my readers won't understand not being from Harper Woods, but perhaps you can relate on a more basic level of how it would feel if a name change was suggested for your city or town. Check it out if you're interested: Harper Woods becomes a Pointe? If any of the Harper Woods city council happens upon my blog: DON'T DO IT! I was born, raised, and remain a resident of Harper Woods and I STRONGLY OPPOSE A NAME CHANGE FOR MY CITY. I am PROUD to be from Harper Woods and I am GLAD I am not a Grosse Pointer. Even if the name change happens, I will never be anything other than a Harper Woodsian. (It's like Pine Knob. Sorry folks, it will never be DTE.) That's my two cents on the issue.

Anyhow, I don't have much else interesting to report. Oh yeah, except I have changed the location of my wedding. What?!? Yes, 6 months away and Mike and I changed ceremony sites. I'm happy about it, though, even though it means I'm getting married by a priest (yuck) because it's really important to Mike. Our reception is still at the Eagle Tavern, but our ceremony is now at the Grosse Pointe Academy Chapel. (And before you say it, yes, it is in Grosse Pointe which I just spent the last paragraph despising, however, it is where Mike is from, so I have to be tolerant to a degree.)

So there ya have it. Sorry I don't have much else to say. Hmm...I wonder if Lucy will mind if I post this to here (I hope not)'s my super cute nephew. :)

Happy Trails...


Blogger KMC said...

He is super cute! He's such a little man. Congrats to your sister!

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