Tuesday, January 24, 2006

S-A-T U-R D-A-Y Niiight

Haha. Few will understand that title. In fact, of the people who actually read my blog, probably one person will get it.

Anywho, this past Saturday was my birthday. I am now 26. I'm really not all that concerned about age and getting older and blah blah blah. BUT, somehow to me 26 sounds significantly older than 25. I guess it's because I've made it halfway through my 20s? I don't know. Maybe that's just me. But it seems to be the general consensus with my friends who are actually my age. They agree that turning 26 says "adult" a little more than 25 does.

So yeah, that's that. I have a couple of pics, though, too. One is the traditional blowing out the candles. I hate those pictures but they're the ones necessary to really document the moment. Everyone wants to take them, but no one wants to be in them.

Next up is just Mike and I with my cake. Such big candles for such a little cake. I actually like this picture, though. Somehow I look good. And I don't frequently say that about pictures of myself.

For anyone just dying to know, my birthday was very low-key this year. Just as I wanted it. I stayed in my PJs watching TV and doing nothing until 4:30. Mike and I ran a few errands, then Dave and Karon (good friends) came over and we had a lovely dinner of Grand China Buffet. We played a few games and watched more TV together afterwards. Perfect.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, maybe two... I know how to say the title.

Oh, and happy belated birthday! I was going to send you an e-card.. sorry I forgot :(

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Lucy said...

Hahaha. That title is hilarious. I totally forgot about that song. Reminds me of driving through Norths parking lot with Sean cuz once we played that really loud just to be retarded...hehe. Good stuff.

3:22 PM  

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