Monday, September 26, 2005

Sunshine in these dark times

Ok, so the title's a little dramatic. I don't care. School and internship are still both major chunks of my life. I get up, go to one or the other of them, come home, do homework, and go to bed. Weekends aren't much different except that I start out at home doing homework and I never actually go to the internship or campus. However, this weekend I enjoyed Newport! I miss living down there. I'm sure you've all gotten that jist from reading this blog, but I really do miss it and this weekend was a prime example of why.

On Sunday I had to be down on campus for a VIA ceremony. The current VIA seniors (myself included) were receiving pins for their dedication to the program. Yay! I love VIA. Anyway, I had to stay down in Newport because Sunday night I was participating in...Mom, don't laugh...mass on campus. Apparently every department on campus has to take a turn sponsoring mass this year. Well, Sr. Johnelle (dept. chair) was smart enough to claim an early mass before life gets too hectic. So I got to read the intercessions. The whole "for so and so, we pray to the lord." What I'm getting at, though, is that I had a good 3 hours in between the end of the VIA ceremony and the start of mass.

Mike, David, and I did something that, surprisingly, none of us had done yet. We went to "The 17th Annual Taste of Rhode Island." A good old tastfest. We ate crab cakes, carne asada, lobster and cheddar and pumpkin stew, lobster and artichoke dip, lobster rolls, bbq ribs, coffee heath bar gelato, pumpkin pie, brazilian grilled chicken...mmm...just remembering it all makes me want it all over again. And there are things we didn't get around to trying because, unfortunately, we were just to darn full. Mike and Dave did a Sam Adams beer tasting. Yuck, I hate beer, but they enjoyed it. We won some Southwest Airlines post-it-notes and "kuzzi" (what any normal person would call a beverage cozy)...don't be jealous. We entered to win some Southwest travel and a $100 restaurant gift certificate...I think it was for 22 Bowen's? Anyway, my point is, it was fun to be a Newporter again. :)

Happy Trails...


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