Monday, August 01, 2005

Dream boy?

For the past two nights now I have dreamt of one boy. Not my boy. But Ashton Kutcher. What?!?! Yes, that's right. I dreamt of Ashton. And two nights in a row, that's new for me. Strange. I'm not all smitten by him either. In the dreams we were more like good friends who flirted with each other. I kind of think I dreamt of Ashton the second time because I saw how much it bothered Mike the first time. I mean, nothing happened in the first dream that I couldn't/shouldn't share, so I did. Ok, ok. So I shared knowing that it might get to Mike, but come on, nothing wrong with a good tease once in a while. So here are the dreams. Please save all of your "huh?"s for the end and just try to bear with me. I don't quite understand them either. They're dreams.

Dream #1:
I was at a Rolling Stones concert with a couple of friends. I had a backstage pass so I was hanging out backstage. Ashton was there. (I kind of got the feeling I already knew him to some extent. Casually at least because we were pretty chummy.) The opening act didn't show or something, so Ashton told me and my friends to perform. We did. Well, I sang some back-up and danced. We got huge applause and I rushed offstage where Ashton told me how great I sounded. I told him he was a liar because I sounded awful and he had some cute response that made me smile (I don't remember it anymore). I then proceeded to ask him if I could hug him because he was good to hug. He said something about how I could hug him because he liked me.

Dream #2
I was at a store (perhaps a book store?) with Ashton. We were spending the night there. (Weird, I know.) We were sleeping on these wooden-slatted chaise lounge things. We each had our own. We were kind of flirty, though, and some woman came up to us for some reason. After talking for a minute she turns away and then she realized it was Ashton. She says to me "do you realize who that is? he's famous! you know him?" I just kind of played off of her. Ashton and I just laid on the flirting. It was definitely like Ashton and I were longtime friends and I was totally unfazed by who he was.

Ok. Now you may ask the obvious questions, such as:
"Why Ashton Kutcher?"
"You went to see the Stones?"
"What were you doing sleeping in a bookstore?"

"Why Ashton?" Might be answered by:
I watch That 70s Show twice a day (weekdays). I've been known to watch Punk'd when there's nothing else on. Guess Who, though I haven't seen it, is coming to DVD soon so there are ads all over tv. And I just saw him on Oprah the other day.

My answer to the others and anything else you might think of is "I don't know!" But, I will say this -- I enjoyed both dreams. They were fun. And Ashton, after those, I will be your friend any day .


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