Thursday, July 28, 2005


This whole wedding planning thing is frustrating! Every time I think Mike and I are on track, we're always thrown a curveball. :(

Our first major hurdle was whether or not religion would play a part in our wedding. I said "no," Mike said there was "no other way." Ok, fine, I'll give him that. Not particularly fond of it, but I can do that for him.

Next, it was about the time of day. I wanted a late morning wedding with an afternoon reception. Perhaps an afternoon tea? Mike says no, he wants a reception to last into the night so people can party. Which leads us to problem number 3...

Alcohol. I would be perfectly happy with a champagne toast only or a minimally stocked bar. Mike says half the reason people come to weddings is to drink. Looks like you all get to get sloshed on us.

Then there's venue. Because of the religious aspect, I am forced to look at churches. Mike's favorite -- Grosse Pointe Academy Chapel (he went to school there for 2 whole years) -- is way too dark and dismal for my liking. I went on my own to see it first, then back with Mike. We snuck around trying to turn on any possible light, but it was still dim at best.

I love the idea of a reception at the Eagle Tavern. And guess what?? Mike actually agrees! So what's the problem?
1. They only do evening weddings unless we want to get married in the off-season (Jan-Mar), which we don't. (Our biggest worry for evening really, is daylight for picture taking.)
2. Their chapel, though perfect in size and beautifully simple and white, is non-denominational which equals pain in the you know what trying to find a priest to agree to marry us there.
3. Our chosen date, August 12, 2006, is unavailable because it is during the extended summer hours season.

We've decided to work with that, though, because we're both kinda stuck on it. Sooo, I've given up my day wedding. I'm actually fine with that now. For me, the place was more important than the time. Also, as it turns out, Mike and I both might have connections to a priest who just might agree to the ceremony there. And as for August 12? Well, there really was no important meaning behind that date, so we're flexible.

Sounds like we're on track, no? Well, we are. Possibly "were" after I talk to Mike when he gets home from work.

We've decided on an October wedding, kind of in keeping with the historical aspect of the Eagle Tavern. (It's an old stagecoach stop from the mid-1800s.) They offer an historical menu and bar package. How fun would it be to have a harvest ball theme? Think The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I could have a dress with period influences. Perhaps Civil War Era? Think Gone with the Wind or Little Women. Yay! We're both excited! So what's the next step? Call and check availability.

Weekends in October, starting the 14th (the date we were thinking of because my dad's birthday is the 7th), are "Hallowe'en Nights in the Village." Their wedding coordinater isn't sure if that date would be available or not because of the special event. It may be, though, but if it is there will be gravestones in front of the chapel. There will be scarecrows and a headless horseman or two. There will be pumpkins and fall/Halloween decorations everywhere. And don't forget about the roughly 2000 kids who will be trick-or-treating throughout the village that night.

I honestly don't think it's too hopeless, as long as it's available. If you think about it, it's in keeping with our theme and will already be decorated accordingly. Plus, if our guests wanted to (especially the ones with children) they could participate in the trick-or-treating. So there's a potential for built-in entertainment, too. I just don't think Mike will go for it. One of his initial issues with Greenfield Village was that he didn't want the public part of his wedding. A bunch of trick-or-treaters is definitely the public. They would not be allowed into the chapel or the Eagle Tavern, but they would be roaming the village.

I know it's not hopeless yet, but I feel like I practically need to start back at square one.


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