Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I've been hit

By evil blogger comment spam!! I'd heard about this, even seen it on other blogs, but until now have been able to escape it. I had to delete SIX spam comments from the previous post!!! I hate spam! I was just having this conversation with Mike a few days ago. Well, not about this exact topic, but about people who have jobs like this. How can someone work for a living doing this sort of crap?? I could never! Knowing how much people loathe spam, how could you live with yourself? I guess the problem is, there's a lot of people in this world who do a lot of things that (I'm hoping this will be a true statement) most of us would find to weigh heavily on our consciences.

This being said, I am now watching my comments extremely closely! It sucks because I get few comments as it is. I don't really want to deter people from commenting (isn't that half the fun? Finding out people read and liked your blog??), but I may have to set some controls and either: a) allow only registered users (which blocks out my family and nearly all of my friends. Besides, one of the spam comments was from a user...ugh!) or b) simply not allow comments at all. Neither of those options sit very well with me, so I may have to just do as I am doing now and keep my eye out for the stupid spam and just delete it as it comes. How obnoxious.


Anonymous Lucy said...

Hiya Amy. Nice purse with the fluffy stuff on it...niiiice. Oh speaking of getting a new kitten today....

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How obnoxious. Spammers suck. All they are are people with no lives what-so-ever...

anyways, I like your new icon, it's cute. Who drew it? Looks like they did it on paint, which is cool :3

11:47 PM  

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