Thursday, January 19, 2006

Suggestions desperately needed!

Oh my God! Mike is soooo frustrating!!! Erg. I hate that all he ever wants to do is watch a movie! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy movies and we have plenty that I want to see. But am I the only person who feels like there are better things to do than sit silently for two and a half (or more) hours staring at the tv? Mike's counter argument for this is that I'll sit for that long watching TV shows, but not movies. And this is true. But it's because I get bored with things easily. As I've mentioned in previous posts (I think), my attention span is just not there for 150 minutes and counting. Not for one long story. I can stand half-hour or hour-long shows, but I tend to get bored with long movies. Somehow that just feels like a waste of time to sit watching the same thing for that long. I wish the movie studios would go back to the 90 minute movies. Hell, I'd even be happy to see one that was 110 minutes. But NOTHING IS LESS THAN TWO HOURS ANYMORE!! I just don't have that kind of time. And is it so wrong of me to prefer activities in which we can interact some? We can talk through tv and the shows are broken up by commercials so you can easily get up for bathroom or snack breaks. Sure you can pause a movie, but it just extends the damned running time then. Someone, anyone, please offer suggestions for other things to do. I prefer things that we can do and still interact. I love games. I always try to suggest them. Or puzzles, but Mike is always too tired for thinking that late. Grr... What else is there to do TOGETHER?? We're gone all day at work or school/internship, is it such a crime to want to have quality time together that isn't watching year-long (ok, I know that's an exaggeration) movies? What do YOU guys do with your significant others??

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.

Oh, and p.s., I would be more inclined to watch these long movies if Mike wasn't constantly telling me I should watch them. If we mixed things up a bit, I would be totally willing to compromise. I promise I'm not a movie-hater. I'm really not. It all started when they started making movies too long.


Anonymous jeff said...

i dont have a significant other but when i did, we would color in coloring books (childish yes, but fun as well) and we would also go to the beach and go on the swings.

11:45 PM  
Blogger KMC said...

Anthony and I have a game night weekly with other couples that we know. We switch off the "thinking" games and the easy games so our brains don't hurt. Sometimes we have fancy dinner nights at home too. We usually cook dinner together and watch a movie. It's easy to overlook the movie when you've been running around the kitchen. We also take a kickboxing class on saturdays. It's healthy for us and something fun and different for us to do. Hope this helps. I'm afraid after being with someone for five years movies every weekend are the norm. We break it up here and there though.

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Bekki said...

I know Mike doesn't like the puzzle idea, but maybe you should push it a little bit. Sean thought my puzzles were stupid until he started to help me one day and now we go out searching for puzzles around town because we love to do them so much. Another favorite activity is to go get ice cream and walk around downtown (even when its a little chilly, because then you have to cuddle and come home and light the fire and shiver together).

8:10 AM  

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