Sunday, December 18, 2005

So this is Christmas...

Hi all. I'm headed back to Michigan today, but before I go I wanted to be sure to post a quick picture of what Christmas in my apartment out here looks like. Mike and I got a tree this year. Yay! :) How fun. This is what it looks like:

I guess it's kind of hard to make out any detail, but Mike and I like it. It's so little, too, (cute!) because we couldn't fit a large one in our apartment. Our tree topper, which I don't have a close-up of is actually a snowman. Mike and I were hoping for an angel, but because of the size of the tree, we couldn't find one that was small enough. Besides, treetoppers are insanely expensive we found out. So we have a little snowman ornament that had a hollow body. One year when we have a true topper we can move the snowman onto the branches instead.

There's one cute ornament that I'd like to point out, too. He's brand new this year (we'd bought all the others over the last few years; a lot of them came from Dansk where I used to work). He's pretty cool, though, I think. He's our Christmas elf:

Well, happy trails folks and Happy Christmas. I'm off to Michigan...


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