Monday, January 16, 2006

Doom lurks straight ahead...

Ahh, school. Am I supposed to be calling it "college" and not "school" now? Either way I'm sick of it. I know I've been heavily whining about it least a year, but I can't help it. I'm finding I have a very low tolerance for repetition. I need more frequent changes of scenery. I get bored way too easily. And now tomorrow I embark upon my final semester. Yes! That's not one of those yeses you get from sickos who actually enjoy school, either. That is a "thank-the-freaking-lord-the-end-is-in-sight" yeses. Don't let the grades fool you. They don't mean that I enjoy the work any more than you do.

So what, you ask, is better than going back to class tomorrow? Everything. Pretty much. I could make my sister's baby quilt. Or the armwarmers for Laura. Or the mittens for my mom. I could finish my mittens. I could finish that sweater I started for Mike over the summer... I could be interviewing DJs, photograpers, and florists for the wedding. I could pick out my bridesmaid and flowergirl dresses. I could go sample the menu or, even better, taste a few cakes. Or I could become the domestic woman that I think I've decided I want to be. Oh sure, I'll probably work for a while. I'll have to. And I might even enjoy it for a year, but ultimately I'll be a stay-at-home mom. So shouldn't I just be grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning--"keeping house", so-to-speak--to prepare for that role? I'd rather do dishes and laundry than go back to class. Ahh, laundry. I actually really like doing laundry. I like the sense of accomplishment when you're finished. Think about it, you start out with this mound of dirty, possibly odoriforous, clothing and unmentionables. You wash them. You pick the cycle, the water temp, the amount of detergent. You know your laundry. You know how to wash it properly. You dry it with the same amount of care. You know when to choose permanent press over delicate and when your best bet is to hang dry. And in the end, it comes out smelling fresh with that warmth only a dryer can bring. I don't have a washer and dryer, though. I have a laundromat. And I usually only have time for that icky wash-dry-fold service. The clothes don't smell as nice when they come back from that and you completely miss out on the warmth from the dryer. See. There you have it. Laundry is better than school. I quit.


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