Saturday, April 15, 2006

Joaquin :)

So lately I've had a slight obsession with Joaquin Phoenix. For some reason, Mike is taking it really hard. This is nothing new for me, though. All my life I have cycled through obsessions with movie stars, usually coinciding with the likes of my sisters (this was back when I lived at home). In the past I've liked Christian Slater, Tom Cruise, Tommy Lee Jones (don't ask on that one), Christian Bale, Johnny Depp, etc. I get on these kicks where I have to rent/watch every movie they were ever in and then, gradually, the obsession fades. (In the case of Johnny Depp, well, he's still hot, but it's moved out of the obsessive phase. And there's even movies of his I haven't seen! GASP!)

So like I was saying, my latest crush is Joaquin. He was damn sexy in Walk the Line, so I've been revisiting movies I'd already seen with him (The Village, Quills, and, yes, even Spacecamp) and keeping an eye on cable for other movies with him (Ladder 49 was on recently and Clay Pigeons and Buffalo Soldiers will be on next week). Our Blockbuster sucks because they don't have Inventing the Abbotts or Return to Paradise, but Mike owns Gladiator, so we also watched that. Mike is uncomfortable with this, though. He's normally the extreme opposite of jealous, but this irks him. Big time. He thinks Joaquin is ugly and he keeps reminding me of the fact that he's a "PETA freak" as I so affectionately pointed out to him. The PETA thing is a definite negative. I like animals and all, but PETA's just extreme and insane.

So I'm going to recreate a funny conversation Mike and I had about this yesterday:

A: "I don't know why this bothers you so much. You don't get jealous."
M: "But he's ugly."
A: "You could watch movies with some female movie star you think is hot. I don't care. I wouldn't be jealous because I know they're famous and you'd never be with them."
M: "I know because I'm fat. But you're thin."
A: "Haha, what? Yeah, and you don't like Hollywood."
M: "But you do!"
A: "LOL, so I'm thin and I like Hollywood. That's all it takes to date a movie star? LOL."

Well move over Mike, last I read Joaquin was single.


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