Sunday, October 30, 2005

Long Time No Type

Hello hello. Sorry to all who like regularly updated blogs. Life Just doesn't seem to allow for that these days.

School is school which means it's very time consuming. Thankfully it is senior year. It can not end soon enough. Screw grad school, too. I'm more than ready to be done. At least for now. And when I do finally go on to grad school? Well, if I decide to go on with social work and get my MSW I'm actually looking at Columbia. Ambitious? Maybe. The thing is, though, I don't know if I want an MSW. I'm looking at getting a Master's of Environmental Studies. Or Environmental Science. They have a decent one at Brown it seems. Is that also ambitious? I don't know. My grade's are good and Mike seems to think I should have no problem with Ivy League. To me, they're just schools. I'm not really all that impressed with names.

Last weekend Mike, Dave, and I did our annual Pumpkin Tour. That's what I've been calling it at least. We drove through parts of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island in search of pumpkins, gourds, apple cider, pumpkin pie, and the good old New England foliage and outdoors. It was fun. Helps to get us in the fall/Halloween spirit. I should post some pictures. If I think about it again soon, you will see some. If not, you'll have to bug me to post them. The weather was actually just about perfect, too. Not in the way that most of you would consider it perfect I bet, but it was for us. It was chilly and overcast and a little drizzly on and off. It was very fall-ish. Plus, it meant no place was crowded! Yay! At one point, we were driving down a road in Connecticut that had nothing but trees and open fields and hills around it. It was great. Not a building in sight! At the end of the day I had three wonderful pumpkins to show for it. I really do need to take a picture of them. They're great. One is just a small round decorative pumpkin, kind of the "perfect" pumpkin. One is tall and skinny and doesn't stand up too well on it's own. The last one I trudged back to what had turned from a pumpkin patch to a mud patch to find. Back there I got to see all of the imperfect pumpkins that don't make it to the displays. Some shaped like peanuts, some with inconsistent coloring, others with strange dents from being crowded in when growing, perhaps? Well, I saw my perfect pumpkin amidst these rejects. It is shaped like a skull. I can't describe it any better than that. I haven't gotten around to carving it yet, but I'm hoping to get to it tonight. I will have to post "before" and "after" pics of each them.

Do you know what's sad, though? I actually don't have the Halloween spirit this year. I'm not sure why, but it's missing. Last year Mike and I pretended we were back in grade school and we made all of these Halloween decorations out of construction paper. We saved them to display again this year but we just never got around to it. Seems kind of silly now given the fact that tomorrow is Halloween. I haven't even really felt like watching the usual Halloween movies. Mike pulled them all out at the beginning of the month. We've watched a few Hitchcock's that were fun, but that's about it. I think part of what's ruining it for me is that I'm not dressing up. I know, I know, I shouldn't have to dress up at my age, but I like to. I have nearly every year of my life until this year. I just don't have a reason to. We can't pass out candy because we're in an apartment, we don't have a Halloween party to go to. I'm not living on campus or even in Newport so I'm not seeing all the kids in the dorms dressing up. It's all just kind of depressing.

I went shopping for some new clothes yesterday. That was fun. Thanks to student loans I was able to add two pairs of pants, four sweaters, a pair of shoes, and a new winter coat to my wardrobe. Woohoo! And I managed to do so without overspending. Yay! That's always a big plus. I have to say, though, my two favorite purchases out of the bunch are the coat and the shoes. It's a long coat that is actually kind of dressy, which I've never really had before, and the shoes are real shoes. They didn't come from Payless like the last who knows how many pairs I've bought. They're actually leather! No "manmade upper" for me! I haven't bought a pair of nice shoes in a really really long time, so this is quite exciting for me. :)

Before I head off, I have one last update. Knitting. During the pumpkin tour I actually got to do some knitting in the car so I have a finished object. Sort of. Half of a finished object I guess. One mitten down, one to go! I found out I really like knitting mittens because they're actually really easy and they knit up quickly. Nice. That's the sort of project I need these days...instant gratification.

Alright, I'm off to do homework, carve pumpkins, and light my fall-smelling candles. Keep your fingers crossed that I can somehow capture the spirit.

Happy Trails...

Oh!!! P.S. Congratulations to my sister, Lucy! She's pregnant and due March 29, 2006! :) Exciting! I hope she'll like some knitted baby items! :) When I get around to knitting them that is...