Sunday, December 18, 2005

So this is Christmas...

Hi all. I'm headed back to Michigan today, but before I go I wanted to be sure to post a quick picture of what Christmas in my apartment out here looks like. Mike and I got a tree this year. Yay! :) How fun. This is what it looks like:

I guess it's kind of hard to make out any detail, but Mike and I like it. It's so little, too, (cute!) because we couldn't fit a large one in our apartment. Our tree topper, which I don't have a close-up of is actually a snowman. Mike and I were hoping for an angel, but because of the size of the tree, we couldn't find one that was small enough. Besides, treetoppers are insanely expensive we found out. So we have a little snowman ornament that had a hollow body. One year when we have a true topper we can move the snowman onto the branches instead.

There's one cute ornament that I'd like to point out, too. He's brand new this year (we'd bought all the others over the last few years; a lot of them came from Dansk where I used to work). He's pretty cool, though, I think. He's our Christmas elf:

Well, happy trails folks and Happy Christmas. I'm off to Michigan...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I bring you tidings of great joy...

School is winding down, thankfully...just one week left then the pseudo-finals. They're all papers and presentations. Not so bad, I guess. Part of me actually likes tests better, though. They're less work. But I guess that's just because I only spend a couple of hours studying for each, if that, and I'm done. Papers require so much more.

The internship is still going fine, nothing really exciting has happened there lately. I'm ever so slightly behind on hours, but I don't think that's going to end up hurting me too bad. I'll just have to tack on a few extra hours the next two weeks. Should be pretty easy based on all of the emails Rick (my supervisor) forwards to me.

I have a new almost niece! Mike's sister, Jean, had her baby on November 17. Her name is Leslie Marie. She's a cutie. I already knitted up a cute little sweater for her, too. Well, I think it's cute, but I guess you guys can all be the judge. The only problem is it's HUGE. I made the smallest size the pattern had: newborn-3 months. I checked it against the measurements on the pattern, too, so I know I got guage (sorry for the knitting term folks, it basically means it turned out the size it was supposed to). Since winter and cold weather is really just starting, she should hopefully grow into it and be wearing it within a month or so. Here it is:
The color is a little off, at least on my computer. It's a really cute bright lime green and the "red" is actually more of a dark hot pink. Oh well, no worries. You all get the idea.

Since I'm on the topic of knitting, I need to finish up my pair of mittens! The weather is making my hands cold! I've had one done for some time now. If I finish my papers soon I will finally get those done and post 'em here.

Lastly, Mike and I are very excited about the Christmas season. We've already watched a bunch of Christmas movies and two of the radio stations are already dedicated to Christmas music. We're not quite ready to be listening to them non-stop yet, but it's nice to have the option. I still think of Whistle Stop everytime I hear a Mariah Carey Christmas song. I'm going to do my best to get to their Christmas Eve party this year before the Posch family festivities commence. I'm actually even more a part of their celebration this year, too! I've been included in their Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas morning present-opening since Mike and I started dated, but now I am more of an official "Posch"--my name was added to the "kid's" name draw. (I say "kids" because the youngest is already 20, so they're not really kids anymore...) I'm so excited about who I got, too! I'm buying for Joe, Mike's oldest brother. I have my ideas, but I won't post them here. I know he doesn't read this, but it ruins surprises anyway. Jean has my name, which is also really cool, but I don't know what to ask for! I'm trying to think of something, but nothing comes to mind. Don't get me wrong, I'm not all "oh, I don't need any presents" (which I kind of don't, unless someone wants to send money to my wedding fund. Ha!), but I really don't want anything in particular that I can think of. Yarn? Or gift certificates for yarn? A massage wouldn't be bad. I don't know, if any of you faithful readers have any suggestions post it in a comment!

Happy Trails Y'all!