Monday, May 02, 2005

Here ya go Bekki

Well, here goes. Another new post. Finally. I have my title girl to thank for this. And don't worry, I am not trying to single you out and I am definitely not annoyed. In fact, I have to say a big old THANK YOU! because it means that someone actually reads this! Even if it is only when you're proscrastinating studying for your finals... Heehee, I'm just joking with you. You know I love you Bekki. :)

I'm not going to do the big update since last post because I don't think too much of any worth has happened. I did finally get my new glasses, but somehow no one has noticed. I swear, they are different frames, though! My old ones were very dark brown or black. My new ones are burgandy!! That's a big color change. It's kinda funny because I was worried it was too bold or I would look like Sally Jesse Raphael. I guess I look exactly the same.

My internship is over. Oh happy day! I have to say, though, it ended very nicely. No loose ends and a fun little luncheon to say goodbye.

I have been the epitomy of lazy thus far in terms of finals. It's been nice, though. I just had a whole weekend without any school-related activities! My exam schedule is pretty decent, too. I have my first one this evening at 6. It's only worth 5 pts toward my grade, though, and there's no way to study for it. It's going to be one question that I will have to answer from the perspective of a social worker. OoOoh! My 3 remaining finals are on Thursday. They are back-to-back which isn't cool, but I know I will probably have at least an hour in between them still. Spanish will probably be the most difficult. I didn't retain ANY of it this semester. Then I have 2 social work exams. I'm feeling pretty good about things. I can't wait for Thursday to be over, then I can concentrate on fun stuff that I like to do.

For any of you wondering, I will be in Taunton until about mid-June. Then I will go home for about a month to visit my family and hang out with my cool siblings. :) I'll be back in Taunton by mid-July, hopefully with two of my sisters in tow. :)

That's enough for now. I hope I've satisfied all of you people desperately looking for a distraction from studying.

Happy trails...


Anonymous Bekki said...

Thanks Amy... I always check it and I was very sad that it had been so long. So, thanks again and good luck with your finals!

1:51 PM  

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