Friday, February 25, 2005

Just the facts, ma'am

1. Snow day today means no workshop! (That's a good thing)
2. Only I can have such bad luck with glasses.
3. I ate lunch at 10:30am.

Number one needs no explanation, but you might be wondering about two an three. I have broken glasses after falling off of a carousel (don't ask for any more on that), lost a pair in the Atlantic Ocean while I was jumping in the waves, and now have managed to make the lenses peel after a simple cleaning. Jusy my luck! I was happy to find out, though, that Salve's student health plan actually has vision coverage. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. So tomorrow I am going to the eye doctors and then I am going to pick out some new frames. :) How exciting!

Now for my early lunch. I was actually craving breakfast, but we don't have any breakfast foods at the apartment aside from cereal right now. I wanted eggs and bacon, maybe even hashbrowns. Mmm. Well, the more I thought about a hot meal, the more I thought about throwing something together that we have here in the apartment. I came up with angel hair pasta, teryaki veggies, and chicken. A little homemade lean cuisine-esque meal. Not bad. I didn't even realize until I sat down to eat it that it was only 10:30. Oops.

Alright, well, nothing really else to say. Haha, not that I had much to say up there, either.

Happy Trails...


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