Wednesday, February 23, 2005

March is official craft month??

At least that's what my JoAnn's e-circular says! Woohoo! As you know, because all of you have read my profile, I love crafting--crocheting, kniting, quilting, sewing--I love it all. Of course, I am sure they are saying it's craft month to promote sales and stuff, but whatever, it's all good. :) The only problem is my local JoAnn's Store sucks. I don't know if they are constantly cleared of merchandise because of in-store sales or because they don't know how to properly stock their shelves. I was really disappointed to do a store locator search to find that the closest JoAnn's SUPERstore (not just Store) is some 75 miles away in Connecticut. We used to have one in Newport, but that was turned into an Old Navy sometime last year. I really need to find a novelty yarn store somewhere in the Massachusetts/Rhode Island area. I know they are more expensive, but selection is going to be soooo much better. Anyone have any suggestions? I know there has to be one around here somewhere.

I'm currently knitting a bikini. It's more for practice than for use right now, though. It's my first true knitting project actually, but I don't have the proper elasticized yarn to make one that's usable. That would be nice. I really have to expand beyond scarves, though. Right now my repertoire consists of hats, scarves, mittens, a shawl, and the beginnings of an afghan. One day, when I finish the afghan, Mike will love me even more. He's been waiting a while... I have a problem finishing big projects, though. I get bored easily. I love to experiment and try new things. Like two Christmases (is that how you pluralize it?) ago I made scarves for everyone in my family. Well, just about everyone. But anyway, each one was a different design. I taught myself some different stitches and threw together some fun patterns and whipped 'em out in no time. Scarves can be easily finished in a day. I like that about them. Afghans, though, take some time. They are no more difficult than a scarf. In fact, they pretty much are scarves. Just over-sized. After I get started, though, and see what the pattern will look like I start thinking "Huh, well that was easy. Cool, I can do this. Let's see what else I am capable of." And the afghan gets put aside for a new, exciting, and often more challenging project. Like I said in my first blog--I need to work on my staying power.

Anyway, this being said, I'm thinking I may start a new blog just to talk about my craft projects. That way, if anyone is just bored to tears by them or would rather see me as the young woman I am as opposed to the old-lady hobbies I love, they can separate the two. At least in blogs. In person these two are one in the same. Sorry :)

Happy Trails...

Oh! PS...Would anyone be interested in starting a crocheting/knitting circle? I'm not sure if I really have the time for it or not, but I'm kinda curious if there would be interest for it. Also, I really am just a beginner, MAYBE advanced beginner, so I wouldn't really want to be in charge. Maybe I could co-lead with someone or something. Let me know your thoughts.


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