Monday, February 14, 2005

Oh Sleepy Day...

Why does today have to be Valentine's Day? And no, I am not getting into one of those "I hate Valentine's Day because if you don't have a significant other it just throws it in your face and makes you depressed" attitudes. I hate that people are calling it "Black Monday." Grow up. Celebrate if you want, ignore it if you want. Just don't ruin it for those of us who happen to like the holiday. I've always liked it. I think it was by far the coolest, though, when I was in grade school. Making little Valentine's holders to put on our desks and trying to figure out who in your class had a crush on you because they gave you a Valentine that had the word "love" on it.

I've strayed from my point. Valentine's Day should never be during the week. It should be a Friday or a Saturday only. I am a student. My boyfriend has a job. We don't do Monday nights. Do you know what Monday nights are for? Sleeping. Sleeping and homework. And this particular Monday night I must spend studying for a test in Bio and a Spanish quiz. I took German in high school. Can I take German in college? No. I have to retrain my brain in foreign languages. It thinks the only other language than English is German. It is whole-heartedly rejecting my attempts at Spanish. And right now I'm already tired, so by the time I get home tonight...roughly around 9pm...I will barely be able to keep my eyes open to read let alone celebrate the holiday and be all lovey-dovey.

You know what I find amazing, though? Not even a minute ago my eyes were closing. If I'd had a place to rest my head I would have been out in seconds. That's when I thought I was heading to school to begin studying. Since I've decided to post on here, though, I'm awake! It's a miracle! Now I just have to convince myself that I actually like to study and I'll never be tired again! My problem, though, is that although I may not enjoy studying, I enjoy good grades. If only I could have the one without the other. Once upon a time I could. In high school. I don't know if it's because I'm older now or because high school was a joke. Probably a little bit of both I suppose. Man, I'm sleepy again. I shouldn't think about school. It does bad things to me. Ha.

Alright, alright. Time to focus and get to work. With nearly two hours before my next class I may actually finish a good chunk of my studying to allow for some nice Valentine's Day cuddling tonight. Aww...that's a nice thought.

Well, until we meet again...
Happy Trails to You!


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