Sunday, February 13, 2005


Hi. First and foremost hello. I'm new to this. I guess that shows due to the fact that this is my first post. Also, I'd like to put a disclaimer on the title of my blog. I hope I haven't stolen anyone's name. It wasn't available as a web address to my site, which makes me think someone else has titled their blog "Imperfections." If so, no hard feelings. The name is probably only temporary anyway.

I suppose to gain any sort of interest or following I should give everyone a little background information. My name is Amy. I'm a 25 year old junior at Salve Regina University studying Social Work. That's the absolute basic. You know what, though? You'll all get to know me gradually as I continue posting anyway. Ha, I should probably say if I continue posting. I am a habitual starter of projects with very few actually completed. This is almost like a test for me to see if I can improve on my follow through.

Here we go. Idea. Where's the lightbulb?? Here's a list of my most recentlys for you:
Most recently...
1. Watched Movie: Shanghai Noon. Ok, so maybe that's not the best one to start with. I can't help it if I love watching Owen Wilson movies. And Jackie Chan's moves are a serious artform. But I don't want to get to deep here. It's just a fun, silly movie.
2. Listened to CD: Paint the Town Pushstars The Pushstars are an awesome Boston band. I'm originally from Michigan and saw them opening for Julian Lennon and have been a diehard ever since. Check out their website: That's my shameless plug for the post. Only one. Promise
3. Watched TV show: Felicity. Season two. I love Felicity. Anyone else a fan? She should have chosen Noel. It kills me that she chose Ben. Still, it's a great show. It's a college show. And up until two months ago I could identify with it even further--I used to be an RA.
4. Eaten food: Lobster Ravioli and a side of corn. I'm about to partake in some mint chocolate chip ice cream as well. Weird category to include I realize, but I was running out of ideas. And who knows what you guys might infer about me from a simple meal. A correct inference would be that I love ice cream. I eat it almost daily.

Alright, well, let's see if this catches anyone's eye. You know, I used to keep a lot of journals when I was younger and at one time I always ended my entries with "Happy Trails to You." In honor of my past I think I'm going to pick that up again. So...
Happy Trails to You!


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