Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What makes someone a good blogger?

I was just pondering this question while I was studying for my Methods Mid-term (in Social Work). Well, I wasn't thinking about it while studying. I was thinking that I was due for a posting to my blog as I was realizing I couldn't read the words in my notes anymore because I have gone over them so many times already. So I throw this out to you, what makes someone a good blogger? Does a good blogger:

a) post daily
b) post about every little daily action
c) reveal inner thoughts
d) ask and attempt to answer philosophical questions
e) use their blog to tell a continuous story (whether fact or fiction)

or does it not matter as long as the blogger is having fun? If the answer is "a," then I have surely failed because I don't have the time or enough interesting things to post everyday. I suppose I use a mixture of b-d, though not much philosophical as of yet. I think "e" is a very intriguing option, but I'm not that creative. Haha, but if you ask me about my childhood screenplays I just might divulge.

It's kind of a strange thing, blogging. I mean, you never know who might be reading it. In a way, you might have to be careful what you say. Or, you might be doing it just for your own personal satisfaction much like you used to keep a journal or a diary with no intention of anyone ever reading it. I'm guilty of wanting an audience I suppose because I have added a link to my blog in both my AIM profile and my Facebook profile. Perhaps most, if not all, bloggers are really just seeking attention for one reason or another.

Anyway, I should get back to studying and stop blathering on yet again. I have a feeling I can be pretty boring.

Happy Trails...


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