Friday, March 04, 2005

The Facebook

So here's the deal. Salve recently made Facebook thanks, for the most part I'm pretty sure, to Student Government (which I am a proud member). Facebook is (and i quote from the website) "an online directory that connects people through social networks at colleges and universities." You have to nominate your school to be a part of it and if accepted, it joins the ranks of such prestigious schools as Harvard, Yale, University of Michigan (I have to throw that one in because, after all, Michigan is home), and so on and so on. Sounds pretty cool, no? Well, sure I guess. I have joined and so has a good portion of Salve from what I can tell. My question is then, is there really and truly a point to it? In a way, it really seems like a sort of popularity contest. You invite people to be your friends and then it is broadcast to everyone how many friends you have at your school. But wait! There is another level of coolness you can acheive: Friends from other universities! You can then join groups based on interest, organizations, sports, and frats/sororities. You can search for people based on what school they go to or what high school they attended. Best of all, though, you can post a picture! I wonder how many people realize how..."loose" (and I'm not referring to their clothing)...they look in the one's they chose. Or maybe that is what they were aiming for. Who am I to judge? Afterall, the group "I am Obviously Wasted In My Facebook Picture" does exist, complete with members. Maybe all of this is just beyond me because I am ever-so-slightly older. I recently turned 25 (back in January) and I'm a junior in college. It was my choice to wait and for the most part I really think it was the right thing to do. Problem is, the whole partying/drinking mentality held by so many college students really sets me a part from them. Even when I was newly 21, I was never really a drinker or partier. In some ways I feel like my age creates a slight wall around me at school.

Anyway, I'm veering down sideroads I had no intention of traveling. I don't mean to sound cynical (though I'm sure that tone does come through). I also don't mean to be a hypocrit because I did in fact join The Facebook. I guess I just need to take it at "face" value (hahaha...pun slightly intended) and just have fun with it. Just what I need...another internet distraction in my day!

Happy Trails...


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