Friday, March 18, 2005

Now That's Customer Service!

Do you know how difficult it is to surprise someone when you live together? Well, it is. You know what the best part is, though? Somehow, Mike and I still manage to do so. :) Back in January, Mike organized a crazy surprise birthday party for me right under my nose! Now, we're both attempting Easter surprises since we're doing our first Easter together out here. It's kind of exciting. But back to great customer service. :) I ordered something special for him (I won't say what yet because he reads my blog), but I asked the company to deliver it in an unmarked box because it was a surprise for someone I live with. Do you know that I got it today and the shipping department had cut the "from" area of the label off? I was so happily surprised that I wrote them an email telling them how impressed I was. It's just nice to know that there are companies out there that really want to please their customers. :)


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